FineReader Engine

The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine allows software developers to create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images or displays. This AI-powered OCR SDK provides your application with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities, enabling it to convert scans into searchable PDF, Word or Excel documents, and access data on photos or screenshots.

Available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and embedded platforms. On premises or in the Cloud.

Highest OCR accuracy

Provide your customers with the outstanding OCR quality available in ABBYY FineReader. Leading providers of ECM systems, document imaging and capture solutions, RPA solutions, as well as scanner and MFP manufacturers trust ABBYY OCR technology.

Increased value

Expand your solutions. ABBYY FineReader Engine enables your software to convert TIFF libraries into PDF, PDF/A, Word or other formats, and accurately extract field values. Develop on Windows, Linux or Mac and offer your software in the Cloud or on VM platforms.

Faster time to market

Outperform your competition and get premium OCR solutions to the market quickly – with OCR toolkit’s powerful APIs. Easily integrate world-class OCR features with the help of pre-configured tools, parameters, code samples and other components.


Comprehensive set of recognition technologies

With OCR toolkit integration, applications can extract machine printed text in over 200 languages as well as hand printed text, optical marks and barcode values.

Powerful PDF processing tools

Versatile APIs allow processing many PDF types and converting scanned documents, TIFFs, JPEGs or image-only PDFs into different searchable PDF and PDF/A files.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI, ML and other advanced technologies provide outstanding recognition accuracy for multi-language documents and deliver searchable and editable documents that reflect their originals.

Multi-core CPUs, Cloud and Virtual Machines support

Support for document processing in parallel threads on multi-core CPUs, deployment in the cloud and virtual environments guarantees fast, flexible and scalable processing.

Image import

The OCR developer kit can receive input from many sources. Images saved as TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs or other image formats as well as digitally created Office documents can be imported while photographed text or scanned paper documents can be processed directly from the memory.

Image pre-processing

To increase recognition accuracy, the image quality is enhanced during the pre-processing step. The SDK applies a wide range of imaging functions such as image rotation, binarization, de-skewing and others to optimize the image quality.

Document analysis

With AI-based algorithms and ABBYY Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®), the OCR toolkit analyzes the layout of each individual page as well as structure of the document as a whole. This process defines the areas for text recognition and delivers information about layout and formatting elements for the final document reconstruction at the end of the OCR process.


With the highest accuracy, ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK extracts multilingual machine-printed and hand-printed text (OCR, ICR) as well as various other information including, checkmarks (OMR) and barcodes (OBR). By creating own dictionaries or recognition patterns, the developers can increase the recognition accuracy of specific languages, unusual characters or fonts.

Text export and document reconstruction

The OCR SDK offers many options for exporting recognition results and different levels of document layout reconstruction. Numerous storage formats are available: text, XML, different types of PDF and PDF/A formats, editable Microsoft® Office documents and other saving formats.

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