Terms and Conditions

  1. General terms and conditions

1.1. The general terms and conditions of sale shall be applicable between the customers of www.nekstom.ee (hereinafter the Customer) and OÜ Nekstom, the owner of www.nekstom.ee (hereinafter Nekstom.ee).

1.2. The general terms and conditions of sale are compliant with the legal norms applicable in the Republic of Estonia. The product information, price list, and purchase information of nekstom.ee shall be applied.

1.3. Nekstom.ee reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of sale and the prices of the products. Any amendments to the terms and conditions of sale and to the price list shall enter into force after publishing in the online shop of nekstom.ee. If the Customer has placed an order prior to entry into force of an amendment, former terms and conditions shall be applicable to the Customer’s order.

1.4. By placing an order in the online shop of nekstom.ee, the Customer confirms having read the terms and conditions of sale and agreeing to them.

  1. Price list

2.1. The prices of the products sold in the online shop of nekstom.ee are provided in euros and inclusive of the value added tax applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

2.2. Products will be delivered as electronic licence, through e-mail. Delivery of the licence is free of charge.

2.3.  Nekstom.ee reserves the right to adjust the prices. If the Customer has placed an order prior to entry into force of an amendment to the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions which were applicable at the moment of placing the order shall be applicable to the Customer.

  1. Shopping cart

3.1. A Customer’s shopping cart is created at the moment of the Customer adding goods to the cart.

3.2. Adding goods to the shopping cart shall not place the Customer under an obligation to purchase the goods.

3.3. If necessary, the Customer can change the amount of the goods in the shopping cart or remove goods from the shopping cart.

3.4. When all desired goods have been added to the cart, the Customer shall choose the methods of payment and formalize the order.

3.5. Then, the entire order shall be displayed. If everything is correct, the Customer can place the order and pay for the goods.

3.6. Quick and issue-free delivery of the goods ordered to the Customer depends on the accuracy of the details provided.

3.7. The goods shall be dispatched after 100% of the price of the order has been received by the seller.

  1. Payment for ordered goods

4.1. The goods can be paid for:

− by using the bank links provided in the shopping cart (Payment solutions are provided by Maksekeskus AS.);

− by advance payment via a bank transfer.

4.2. In the event of the Customer failing to pay the advance payment within 5 calendar days after the date on which the advance payment invoice is issued, the order shall be deemed not subject to fulfilling.

  1. Delivery and handing over of the goods in Estonia

5.1. The parcel shall be delivered to the Customer within 1–4 working days after the date on which the payment is received.

  1. Cancellation of orders and returning goods

6.1. Nekstom.ee may cancel an order if the Customer has failed to make a 100% advance payment for the goods by the specified deadline or if the product is no longer available and no replacement product can be found.

6.2. Pursuant to § 56 of the Law of Obligations Act, the right to return the purchased products does not apply to computer software within 14 days if the consumer has activated the software. Once activated, these products cannot be returned.

6.3. An unactivated product can be returned within 14 days by writing a request for return at sales@nekstom.ee.

       7. Other terms and conditions

7.1. Nekstom.ee shall only use the Customers’ personal details for fulfilling the orders. The details shall be processed confidentially.

7.2. Nekstom.ee reserves the right to send information to the Customer if the Customer has granted respective permission or subscribed to the newsletter of nekstom.ee.

7.3. In any issues not covered by these terms and conditions, the parties shall proceed on the basis of the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia and on the acts of law governing the relationship between the parties.

7.4. Any differences in opinions or disputes between the parties arising from these terms and conditions shall primarily be settled by negotiations. If a dispute cannot be settled by negotiations between the parties, both parties shall have the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Board or to the courts.